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Files locked during build (source control)

May 7, 2012 at 10:23 PM

The build kept failing for one of my partners because files were locked in the Working directory and could not be deleted. The file in question was called 'all-wcprops' and after doing some research I realized that the partner was using Subversion source control. They were probably also using Tortoise SVN, which runs in the background and monitors files on the file system. The answer, of course, was not to copy the Subversion files to the Working folder when copying over the template.

To do that, I modified their .afproj file from this:

<TemplateFiles Include="$(TemplatePath)\**\*.*" />

To this:

<TemplateFiles Include="$(TemplatePath)\**\*.*" Exclude="$(TemplatePath)\**\.svn\**" />