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UI Front-End


The UI Front-End (AppFactory.exe) is a tool that allows a user to open a project, select which applications to build, and start the build process.


The build itself is always completed by MSBuild.exe. Parameters from the front-end are actually passed by updating MSBuild Properties in the project file itself rather than passing them on the command line. This allows for a more verbose way of passing parameters and it also allows the front-end settings to be persisted inside the project between builds. (For more information see the AFProj File page.)

Logging and Error Handling

The MSBuild.exe window automatically closes when the build exits, regardless of whether the build was a success or failure. To make sure no information is lost, the front-end automatically enables logging to a file with the same name as the project but with the .log extension. For example, when Sample.afproj is built, Sample.log will be created in the same directory. The front-end also monitors MSBuild.exe through to completion and if an error is detected, the user is notified and prompted to view the log file.


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